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2004 M Mehtap Aldogan - Istanbul, Turkey
Words of Women

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2004 M Mehtap Aldogan - Istanbul, Turkey

Words of Women 2004 Essay of the Year

M. Mehtap Aldogan


The Most Significant Thing that Happened to Women In 2002, even though we are in the 21st century, the unpleasant or sometimes brutal attitudes toward women were undergone. However, the most significant thing that happened to women in 2002 was the case of Amina Lowal.

Amina Lowal, 30, was found guilty by a Sharia court in Katsina state, in Nigeria, on March 2002 after giving birth outside marriage. She was sentenced to be stoned to death for conceiving a child outside marriage as well.

Moreover, the venue for 2002's Miss World contest was in Nigeria. The contestants from France, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Germany, Finland, Poland, Norway, and Kenya withdrew from this contest to express their condemnations and to give Amina support.

The support shows that the Amina Lowal incident did not only concern Amina, but also concerned all women in Nigeria, in Muslim world and in all around the world. In essence, this is the case of unequal attitudes toward the women in the some part of the world. In other words, this is the violation of human rights.

To sum up, this issue designates that some women in the some part of the world, especially in religious Muslim worlds, suffer a lot. They are subjected to strict dress code, torture, abuse and stiff illogical sentences. To prevent the unequal treatment toward the women in the some part of the world and to uphold the rights of women undergoing illogical sentences, torture, and abuse, the women who are Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc., should do something together.

M.Mehtap Aldogan, Maiden - Istanbul, Turkey