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Words of Women - Essay Contest
Words of Women

About Us

WCA Declaration of Sentiments

In Dallas in 1994, women created

 a grass roots organization to address the

needs of women


Because today,


Women still suffer from discrimination;  

Women comprise 1/2 the workforce and make only 77 cents on the dollar;  

Women and their children makeup the majority of poor in the United States;  

Women still lose jobs and children based upon actual or perceived sexual identity; are still victims of hate crimes;  

Many older women have no adequate support systems: are neglected, ignored, and sometimes victimized; 

Because women in nursing homes are isolated, ignored, and neglected;  

Because women continue to be last hired, first fired;

  And because our work and our needs are trivialized at best and ignored at worst;


Because of all this and more

Our interests must be in our own hands.

Since 1994 

We have worked to provide opportunities, support, and resources

Through programs, activities, and education

To support, empower, and inspire women and girls

To create a better world for women through women helping women

Words of Women is a 501(c)(3)WCA Program for Women incorporated in the State of Texas

Words of Women P O Box 180777 Dallas, Texas 75218
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