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A Gift and a Campaign: Matching Funds

The First Hundred Program

Good news, we received an $11,000 gift in April 2011 for our programs.

A very welcome gift indeed. We can do much with that. And yes we are!!!

While we are doing our good work, we must also match that amount to maintain our IRS 501c3 Status this year. In case you did not know, as a 501c3 you are not allowed to operate on the gift of a single individual alone; you must have and show broad based community support. Each year we must show that support when we file IRS Tax Reports.

Our goal then becomes to match that $11,000 with donations from the community. That can be in the form of fundraisers: bake sales, fairs and festivals, dinners, tournaments or by direct donations. We have elected to implement a new matching campaign called The First Hundred.

The First Hundred is simple and easy.

  • We are asking 100 people to contribute $10 a month for a period of 3 years. That will match the financial donation for three years and show broad based community support at the same time. It also allows us to build a strong financial base to secure other grants and gifts. So it is a very valuable program.
  • We tried to make this easy for you, too. We’ve set up a PayPal account, so you can make a donation online using your credit card right here right now on the Donations Page.
  • Or you can send a check. WCA P O Box 180777 Dallas, Texas 75218.

The other good news is that since we started in June, we have pledges from 33 people. That’s a great start and we are grateful for the enthusiastic response.

Help us keep up the good work. Help us match that $11,000. Make your donation today!

Reminding you: WCA Programs since 1994

  • WCA Neighborhoods - organizing neighborhoods/communities of women helping women
  • Resource Referral Line - answering inquiries, counseling, and referring to resources
  • Crisis Intervention - providing support and services where resources do not already exist
  • All Our Sisters - providing support and encouragement to women living in nursing homes, refugees
  • Education – workshops, events, activities, programs to educate, empower and inspire