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Words of Women - Essay Contest
Words of Women

The Quiz

The Quiz

Twice a year for Women’s Equality Day on August 26* and for International Women's Day on March 8, we create, produce and publish a Quiz highlighting the accomplishments of women. In August, we focus on the contributions of women in the United States and in March, Women's Herstory Month, we focus on women around the world.

Who Are These Women?
Pallas Athena, Hatshepsut, Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton, Calamity Jane, Sacajawea, Grace Hopper, Sojourner Truth, Sappho, Lucy Blackwell, Lucy Burns, Jane Addams, Abigail Adams
What Did They Do?
Who invented the muffler, the computer, led the way to the American west, started the Red Cross, first woman astronaut, discovered radium, greatest Tennis Star of all Times, ended foot binding?????

Whoever they are.
Whatever they did.
They did it all for us. They are our Grand Mothers.

A Declaration of Sentiments