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Red Bags Purpose


Since our very first holiday celebration as an organization in 1994, WCA has undertaken an effort to care for our sisters living in nursing homes. Truly the most neglected, most ignored members of our community, nursing home residents are often abandoned. Many residents do not have the basic essentials (socks, underwear, bed clothes, sheets)much less the things that make life a little luxurious (lotions, books, combs, bushes, mugs). Your no-longer-needed items can change a life by enhancing daily existence.

Red Bags is a year round, grass roots community effort by many groups and individuals to provide love, encouragement, gifts and support through the delivery of bright shiny red bags to women living in nursing homes, hospice, housebound individuals...and the staff who take care of these women.


It is a simple project of sharing what we have with others. We’ve involved hundreds of individuals and collected thousands of gifts over the years. Everyone doing a little so no one has to do a lot has been our working premise. Red Bags is a part of a 501c3 program that provides support and service to women living in nursing homes.

We accept and donate just about anything that you might consider. There are as many needs and pleasures as there are people: blankets, shawls, throws, handkerchiefs, kleenex, soaps, lotions, small headphone radios, twin sized sheets, large sized clothes, socks, costume jewelry, large print books, crossword puzzles, oversized clothes, light jackets, scarves, footies, baseball caps. Prizes for bingo games.


November 15-January 31.Winter Holidays Gift Drive. Twice a year but with an emphasis on the winter holiday season, we collect gifts for women in nursing homes and the staff that care for them.. We encourage you to involve yourself in this project by doing something good for yourself…during your spring cleaning or winter nesting, please put aside all the things you no longer need.


Here and around the world, the most underserved and neglected are women in nursing homes.. Red bags home office is located in east Dallas in Texas but we can work anywhere…and are trying to spread the word about this wonderful project. So involve your family, friends, neighborhood, community, Scout troop, or organization.


Because these are our sisters, mothers, daughters, GrandMothers. They paved the way for us. Made us who we are.


Twice a year we make an effort to remember our GrandMothers living in nursing homes. We collect and deliver gifts in bright Red Bags. The bright color is part of the overall experience, a sensualandvisually pleasing presentation.. The experience is as important as the gift in the Red Bag. Wrapped gifts are marked on the outside what is inside. And we do take unwrapped gifts, if needed and offered.

Donate or Collect

Teddy bears, mugs, blankets, socks, soap, lotions, large print books, soft cuddlies, facial tissues, throws, magazines, shawls, writing materials, slippers, oversize clothing, sweatshirts, gowns, robes, anything and everything including your ideas!!! Prizes for Bingo Games! Mardi Gras Beads!!!

Gifts of any kind can be used. So clean out your drawers, empty those closets and donate your “extras” to women you will never meet but whose lives you will touch…this is undoubtedly the easiest-peasiest way to make a difference for others.

Wrap in bright red paper or place in a Red Bag and mark on the outside the gift on the inside

Money donations are also accepted to offset costs.

The 2010-2011 Winter Holidays Red Bag Collection Drive was the most successful yet! Over 300 Red Bags and over 1,700 gifts were collected and distributed to over 20 nursing homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Tyler, Texas.Many have helped but we still need you. There are always women in nursing homes who need you.

To learn about delivering gifts, making a donation, organizing a Neighborhood, a Community, a Girl Scout Troop, or a School - Contact Christine Jarosz at or call 214.319.6696

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