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Words of Women - Essay Contest
Words of Women


WCA Logo

Building a Community of Women
Where Every Woman is Empowered and  Every Woman is a Resource

Organizing to Make a Better World for Women

A 501c3 non profit corporation operating under the rules of Texas and the Rules of the Tax Code of the United States of America since 1994.WCA is governed by a Board of Directors with responsibility for day to day operations, plans, and programs given to the Executive Director. (link to leadership)

Grass Roots organization planned and organized in the early 1990’s and incorporated in 1994 for the purpose of creating a network of women helping women; WCA Members, Family and Friends coming together to provide resources, support and services to one another.

With a Mission to create an interconnective geographical neighborhood network which provides resources, support, and services to women without traditional support systems, women living alone, women in nursing homes, refugee women, Lesbians, any woman without resources; WCA designs programs and activities which inspire, empower, and unite women.

Mission Statement

Women’s Communities Association to create a community for; provide resources and services to; and advocate on behalf of women without traditional support systems. WCA is an Interconnective Neighborhood Network of Women Helping Women. Where Every Woman is Empowered. Every Woman is a Resource.

WCA Logo

A Vision of a Better World for Women
Women Helping Women

WCA Programs Since 1994

  • WCA Neighborhoods: organizing neighborhoods/communities of women helping women (See also ToolBelts)
  • Resource Referral Line: answering inquiries, counseling, and referring to resources
  • Crisis Intervention: providing support and services where resources do not already exist
  • All Our Sisters: providing support and encouragement to women living in nursing homes, refugees, or living alone
    • Red Bags: collecting gifts for women in nursing homes
  • Education: workshops, events, activities, programs to educate, empower and inspire

Want to know more?

Read our Declaration of Sentiments
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